Tips for U.S. Customers

American Customers Brian's Sports Windsor
  • Make an appointment. To ensure the highest level of service, please call us to schedule an appointment for skate fittings, adjustments and figure skate sharpening.
  • Notify credit card providers.  If you plan to pay with any type of credit card calling the number on the back of your card prior to leaving the U.S is important to notify them that you will be making a purchase in another country. This will ensure that no type of BLOCK will be put on your card restricting your usage and saving a lot of time at the point of purchase.
  • Check border crossing wait times. You can easily view wait times and traffic conditions by clicking  here for the Windsor-Detroit tunnel crossing, or clicking here for the Ambassador Bridge.
  • Passports.  Have your passports in order for anyone over the age of 15, they will be necessary for any border crossing. Birth certificates are sufficient for travelers under 15 years of age.
  • Bring current skates. If you are visiting Brian’s to purchase new skates, bringing your current skates will help us ensure you get a great fit by inspecting breakdown and wear patterns on your old skates.

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