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Internationally known for our expertise in skates, we guarantee you will agree that we are the leaders when it comes to fitting your feet with that perfect pair of skates. Whether you are a hockey player, figure skater, recreational skater, beginner or pro, you can expect perfection when it comes to fitting your new skates. That’s where it all begins. At your feet! Proper fit, blade alignment, profiling and sharpening are our areas of expertise. Proper blade alignment is crucial in having a properly fit pair of skates, and is so often overlooked. We will correct your pronation or supination which will enhance your speed, power, balance, comfort and overall performance. Profiling and blade shape is another key component in enhancing your skating performance. Our technical staff will help determine the proper amount of blade on the ice depending on your skating technique and preference through our thorough fitting process. We will top it all off with our world renowned skate sharpening. Come and feel the Brian’s difference, and elevate your game.

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